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Jack English

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Jack is one of the most talented and original photographers we have had the luck to represent. His realisation of ‘personality’ is stunning.

Jack’s work has a bold, raw quality. He is uncompromising in his approach to his subjects. Jack has an ability to see beyond the façade and create an immediacy and honesty in his images. Jack delivers because of total trust between him and his subject.

From ‘Nil By Mouth’ via ‘The Fifth Element’ to ‘Eric Clapton – US Tour’, Jack English delivers imagery that would be at home in the National Portrait Gallery.

“Jack English, my favourite photographer, does great work.”
Eric Clapton

“Jack English – the best”
Luc Besson

“I think your pictures are superb. Engaging, real, disturbing and beautiful”
Pete Townshend

“Jack English juxtaposes warm light and desperation, sunshine with shadow” Commenting on Jack English – Downtown LA exhibition
Graham Fink, Creative Director, M&C Saatchi

“Jack is a true artist with a camera”
Gary Oldman