Here are a few of the projects I have been responsible for over the last 20 years as Head of TV at CDP, Managing Director of Propaganda Films, proprietor of Tsunami Films and founder of M-A-D-E. The pieces range from Hamlet Cigar commercials through music videos for acts like All Saints to Sci-Fi channel idents and fashion films. Although I have worked on many great international projects all the work featured here could only have come out of London’s astonishing creative energy and diversity.

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Land Rover - Dam Rover

Land Rover - Dam Rover commercial

Land Rover - Dam Rover
A stunning first film in a campaign for Land Rover. This epic spot was directed by David Garfath and is credited with bringing much needed success to an iconic British brand. With backing by the London Symphony Orchestra playing Eric Coates famous 'Dam Busters' theme, the Land Rover really did winch itself up the incredibly sheer dam face under its own power. No CGI. It was very scary sitting in the cab, but the stunt driver did in order to keep the front wheels in a straight line! Creative team Graham Fink and Jeremy Clark, agency CDP.

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