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Don’t kill the messenger – the state of TV production for commercials

At the start of the 21st century, a vital part of the $311bn* advertising industry – TV commercials production – is still largely managed by thinking and processes that would be recognisable to a 19th century administrator.

It can’t have escaped anyone’s attention that things are changing and fast. Change is an implicit and essential element in dynamic businesses. However, managed change or evolution, is surely preferable to change that is forced upon us after all the available options have expired.

Don’t Kill The Messenger is Mark Andrews’ polemic on the state of TV production for agencies clients and production companies. It’s an insider’s strategic view on where the business is right now and where it is headed. It’s about why keeping on top of things is going to separate the survivors from the rest.

Mark’s career via Warner Music, CDP, Propaganda Films and his own production company Tsunami have brought him to the realization that we need a new approach in TV production and we need it now.

Its purpose isn’t to be critical. It’s an attempt to open up discussion of the issues to a wider participation than has recently been the case. Currently, we don’t have any kind of non-partisan forum in which to air such concerns as these. It’s no good for any one of the three parties involved in the relationship to unilaterally decide policy and dictate it to the others. It must be three out of three if it is to have any chance of working. These issues aren’t owned by any one part of the business or its trade organisation. They are interdependent and affecting us all equally.

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*Bird ‘Advertising Industry‘ p28, 21/03/03.

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