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M-A-D-E platforms Deborah Milner and Aveda at AltaRoma in Rome

Rome-based fashion show AltaRoma saw a show sponsored by New York-based cosmetics brand AVEDA featuring Ecoture by fashion designer Deborah Milner. Milner, well known for her collaboration with Philip Treacey and for her Deborah Milner label designed a stunning range of couture pieces based on ecologically renewable and recyclable fabrices. Some fabrics came from India and China alongside others found by Milner as a result of her trip into the depths of the Amazonian jungle where she collaborated with the Yawanawa tribe to develop sustainable fabrics from local sources. The show also highlighted couture based on astonishing examples of recycling such as a white ball gown made from melted plastic bags.

M-A-D-E’s Mark Andrews and Olly Ravaux designed and organized the show which took place in the 2nd century AD Tempio Di Adriana in Rome’s historic Piazza di Pietra. The staging of the couture pieces was an ‘installation’ in a dramatic ‘forest-glade’ setting, created by lighting, Brazilian music and forest sound effects.

Mark Andrews and David Hughes also produced a short film which formed the backdrop to the show. Based on footage shot by Deborah Milner on her journey to the heart of the Amazon, it features photography of each of the Ecoture pieces by Manuel Vason.

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