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M-A-D-E & Motion Blur (Oslo) in tie-up

Following hard on the heels of M-A-D-E’s signing of directors Roenberg last week, London-based production company M-A-D-E and Oslo’s Motion Blur have concluded a representation and management deal for certain directors. The pact will see both companies work in close co-operation both creatively and finacially. The immediate fruit of this integrated approach will see star Motion Blur directing team Nic & Sune follow Roenberg onto the rosters of M-A-D-E in London via Luc Besson’s DOG Productions in Paris. Nic & Sune, an English/Norwegian duo are enjoying a highly successful run in Scandinavia. They are currently posting Nokia for Finland and preparing to shoot Volkswagen in Oslo. M-A-D-E’s Mark Andrews said “this isn’t the usual director swap or representation arrangement. It’s recognizing a shared set of values and a statement of intent. Every director knows that in order to develop his or her career they must work away from home. We take the same view with our entire companies. Talent now needs to be managed right across international, national and personal boundaries. Instead of having to sign individual deals all over the place, we think they ought to be able to rely on producers who know them and who can help manage their careers on a worldwide basis. A bit like not having to leave home really! The benefits to the directors will be very real. By establishing partnerships such as this – and the M-A-D-E/DOG deal is a perfect example – you are able to present their work simultaneously in all major markets but speak with one voice. Directors can then make the most informed and sensible choice for themselves rather than have to consider conflict of interest between different companies or internal politics. They can just focus on the work. This strategy will benefit us all out of all proportion to our collective size in the industry”. Motion Blur’s executive producer Espen Horn said “I think this is a great opportunity for Nic & Sune to expand their reel by following Motion Blur’s strategy of doing work for the whole European market. We are absolutely thrilled on behalf of the Roenbergs and Nic & Sune with Motion Blur’s relationship with M-A-D-E – it’s a win win situation for us all.

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