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Shots – M-A-D-E links to Manifesto Films

Manifesto Films

London production company M-A-D-E has announced a tie-up
with Zurich and Vancouver-based Manifesto Films.

The move follows announcements last month of a mutual
representation deal between M-A-D-E and Luc Besson’s company Dog
Productions, and will see Manifesto helmer Reto Salimbeni repped in
the UK market by M-A-D-E. In return, M-A-D-E’s directors will be
represented by Manifesto in Switzerland and Canada.

Salimbeni has recently shot ads for Kraft and Swiss Tourism, and is
currently preparing to shoot his third feature, Blaze, in Toronto. The
tie-up with M-A-D-E sees the director reacquainted with MD Mark
Andrews, who formerly repped him at Tsunami.

“This is a perfect fit with my stategy of searching out a network of
like-minded people and partnering with them,” said Andrews. “I think
the Swiss market produces some important work, particularly out of
Zurich, which has become a pretty cool creative destination itself. I
want my team on the ground there, particularly New York-based Suk
& Koch. And I think the Canadian market is now very important since
it has become a centre for a significant part of Hollywood production.”

More info on M-A-D-E is at . http://www.m-a-d-e.net

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