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M-A-D-E tie-up with Manifesto

M-A-D-E’s Mark Andrews announces tie-up with Zurich and Vancouver based Manifesto Films. London’s M-A-D-E has sealed a representation deal with Zurich and Vancouver-based Manifesto Films. This arrangement will see Manifesto helmer Reto Salimbeni represented in the UK market by M-A-D-E.

In a reciprocal arrangement, Manifesto will platform M-A-D-E’s directors in Switzerland and Canada.

Comedy specialist Salimbeni, well known in Europe having started the highly successful Glass Films – winner of numerous awards at European and New York festivals – is preparing to shoot his third feature ‘Blaze’ in Toronto in October with an all-star cast.

This year so far he has shot campaigns for Kraft and Swiss Tourism to add to the previous year’s tally of Pepsi, Nike, MTV, Panasonic and IKEA amongst many others.

Founding Manifesto three years ago with the specific intention of developing his international career, he opened the Vancouver office last year to manage the demands of the increasingly important Canadian market.

Said Andrews “I think the Swiss market produces some important work, particularly out of Zurich which has become a pretty cool creative destination itself. That’s proven by the quality of agencies that have opened there recently. I want my team on the ground there; particularly New York based Suk & Koch.

And I think the Canadian market is now very important since it has become a centre for a significant part of Hollywood production.

This is a perfect fit with my strategy of searching out a network of like-minded people and partnering with them. I’ve developed a concept in that I call the ‘open-architecture’ operation. That means it is designed to adapt to the new ways of working that are going to be required of us if we intend to grow internationally.

What directors want and need is consistent career management. M-A-D-E intends to provide that. Our tie-up with Manifesto is a significant step, following as it does hot on the tail of the deal with DOG in Paris”.

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