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Shots – New signing at M-A-D-E

Directing duo Suk & Koch have signed to Mark Andrews’s
production company M-A-D-E.

Based in New York, Violet Suk & Martin Koch founded their company
Suk & Koch Media Inc seven years ago to work on everything from
commercials and music videos to broadcast and motion design, art
installations and short films.

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“They have developed a style all their own and have built an
outstanding and very powerful body of work,” said Andrews. “They are
one of the most original teams I have come across in my whole
career. Above all, with them, it’s about good taste.”

M-A-D-E will rep Suk & Koch exclusively in the UK, Europe and Japan,
and in the French market through Dog Productions. More info on the
team is at . http://www.m-a-d-e.net

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