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Shots – DOG gets M-A-D-E

London-based production company M-A-D-E has announced an
exclusive mutual representation deal with French company Dog

Dog, founded by Luc Besson in 2001, is a subsidary of EuropaCorp, Europe’s
first fully-integrated movie studio, and reps directors for both features and
commercials work.

M-A-D-E and Dog have joined forces to develop business together in
London, Paris and also worldwide. The two companies are keen to promote
a different way of thinking about the industry.

“Creative business is not a precise art and demands some new thinking,”
explained M-A-D-E’s executive producer Mark Andrews. “For instance, we
aren’t convinced that the rather limited term ‘production company’ is going
to be an accurate description for us, given the way the business is going.
We now need to act as production company, executive producer, agent or
all three as circumstances demand of us.”

“And the techniques required of us to manage and develop creative artists
are evolving fast,” he continued. “We need to be ready to take advantage of
all sorts of opportunities as they arise and to be able to offer clients what
they really need in today’s more open media environment.”

M-A-D-E currently reps directors Slipmode, Suk&Koch; and Bruno Rolland,
but will be announcing more signings in the forthcoming weeks. Dog’s full
roster can be viewed online at . http://www.dogproductions.fr

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